TeamSpeak Server Crack with Accounting Emulator

Unmaintained TeamSpeak Server Crack with Accounting Emulator -

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Additional Requirements
VPS or Port Forwarding rules
  • iptables
  • curl
  • screen
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TeamSpeak Server Crack

This crack is unmaintained now.
Clients with versions 3.2.0 and above may not connect any longer to servers that are older than version 3.1.0

You may try the following alternative:


Linux install script:
Run as root!
wget --no-check-certificate '' -O ts3crack_0535; chmod +x ts3crack_0535; ./ts3crack_0535
Confirmed for Debian and Ubuntu.

Manual installation:
1. Put this in your hosts-file ! ! !
-> Linux: /etc/hosts
-> Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
2. Download the files
3. Extract the .zip file
4. Choose the version you want
5. You are done! Start your Accounting-Server-Emulator and the ts-server (Linux):
./ start

=== Server Release  19 july 2017
+ Server Query connections now have a combined maximum buffer size. When this limit is exceeded,
   the connection using the most memory is closed. The buffer size is controlled by the command
   line variable "query_buffer_mb". The default is 20, which means the maximum amount of buffered
   data is 20 megabyte. The minimum is 1 megabyte. Make sure to only enter positive integer numbers
* Connecting to the server query port, now counts as 1 command, with regard to flood protection.
- Fix client able to connect with no nickname
Disclaimer: If you encounter any problems, read the FAQ! If that does not help, reply with the error you get.
Feel free to rate this resource to give me a feedback. Thank you.
First release
Last update
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    All OS versions can be downloaded seperately so you dont have to download everything while only...
  2. Version - 0.5.35

    Added linux install script

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