[Mirror] TeaSpeak Server

[Mirror] TeaSpeak Server 1.2.23-beta1

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With the steps below, it is not possible to continue using your TeamSpeak database!
Instead you have to do a snapshot (e.g. serverquery or a tool like Yatqa).

We will start our own TeaSpeak section here if there is any demand for it.
There is one additional step to let current TS³ clients connect to TeaSpeak servers. You can find it here

The following is from the website of TeaSpeak:

TeaSpeak is a free server and web client software for VoIP communication.
Its the deal software for everyone who is annoyed about limits and restrictions.
TeaSpeak includes a lot of new cool features in contrast to all other well known VoIP software.

Such as an build in Music Bot system. This system acts like a normal music bot system except that its
much more efficient compared to other music bots. Not enough TeaSpeak also support a private channel
system which allows you to stay undercover.

TeaSpeak also has an optional client badge spoof detection But the best feature off all is the completely
new and unique TeaSpeak Web-client.Connect to any TeaSpeak server without the requirements of
an installation or dependenciesThis feature is currently in alpha test. More information are available here

Steps to install your own TeaSpeak server

  1. Log into your VPS or dedicated server via SSH (either with your SSH-Key or username and password).
  2. Install curl
    apt-get update
    apt-get install curl
  3. For your own and your servers security, do not run TeaSpeak or any other closed source program on your root account, that's why we're creating another user for it. We'll call it ubuntu but you can call it whatever you want.
    Create a new user called TeaSpeak
    adduser teaspeak
    Login to the new created user:
    su teaspeak
  4. Download the latest build with the link below or use the download we provide.
    wget -O TeaSpeak.tar.gz https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/amd64/TeaSpeak-$(curl -k https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/amd64/latest).tar.gz;
    wget -O TeaSpeak.tar.gz https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/x86/TeaSpeak-$(curl -k https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/x86/latest).tar.gz;

  5. Extract the ".tar.gz" file and delete it
    tar -xzf TeaSpeak-X.X.X.tar.gz
    rm TeaSpeak-X.X.X.tar.gz
  6. Start the server using a screen session so it keeps running in the background and doesn't shut itself down when you leave your SSH session:
    apt-get install screen
    screen -AmdS TeaSpeak-Server
    screen -x
  7. Save your token and your query-login data into wordpad or wherever you can get it back anytime.
  8. Close the session again with CTRL+C
    Now there should be a config file which you can edit for your needs.
  9. After you've completely adjusted your config file, you can easily start the server again by using
    ./teastart.sh start
    and stop it by using
    ./teastart.sh stop
  10. To detach from the screen session, simply press
    CTRL + A and CTRL +D

Congratulations, you got your server running on port 9987 now!
To change the port, either connect to your server using telnet or YatQa.
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  2. 1.2.17

    1.2.17b Added permission b_virtualserver_modify_default_musicgroup Added permission...
  3. 1.2.15-beta-9

    1.2.15b Implemented file transfer bandwidth Implemented file transfer quotas Implemented...

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