1. M


    Hello There, I am using the regular Teamspeak 3 PlugIn SDK and i am trying to write a PlugIn wich is able to connect to a server. I've read the docs and tried to code it myself several times without success. Has anybody a sample Code in C or C++ from a Plugin wich successfully connects to a...
  2. L

    Looking for a free ts3 server with no ads!

    I know this is a long-shot, but it's worth the try! I am looking for a free teamspeak server without ads located somewhere in europe. The server will simply be used for me and my friends. I don't need much slots, if you are able to provide more then 10 it will be wonderful but 10 is enough for...
  3. 3rKaN_BRATTE

    Blacklist Server Offline?

    A TeaSpeak Server of my friend got recently blacklisted, after a week the blacklist was removed so i checked maybe the Blacklist server is offline. - ONLINE - ONLINE - OFFLINE Does anybody know more?
  4. R3TR0

    Need free TS3 |No ads?|

    Hello everyone can someone help me, i need ts3 server , it can be with ads but without kick ads tnx ....
  5. Asphyxia

    Black Friday deals: Setup your own server

    In the year 2019, there will be no better time to have your very own server. Why not start now? Setting up a TeamSpeak (or Mumble) voice server, a profitable WordPress blog, or an Internet forum (like this one) is not hard. Try starting today and if you have any questions, post below and I will...
  6. iKaros

    Advanced server name | SCRIPT 2.3

    Preview: Code: <?PHP /** * clientCountToServername.php * * Is a small script to include the amount of online users into the servername. * * by iKaros - <[email protected]> with the ts3admin.class framework <> * */ /*-------SETTINGS-------*/ $ts3_ip =...
  7. V

    Multiple server Backups for Hosting.

    Hello! How can I make backups to multiple servers on my hosting?
  8. Rikku

    DVSGO Compatibility Fix 1.0

    Removes IP logging from the TeamSpeak server. To delete existing IPs, one would have to manually execute the following statement, which is not supported by TeamSpeak: UPDATE clients SET client_lastip = "" WHERE 1;
  9. L

    I need help with server - shutting down after 2 hours

    Hello, Today i found an error at my server Its randomly shutting down, and in the logs I can see, it was a proper shuttdown by hand, but its odd cus im the only one who knows the serveradmin pass. Maybe the reason of this server shuttdowns is: - i using cracked license for my server...
  10. Bluscream


    Bluscream submitted a new resource: TeaSpeak - A custom Teamspeak 3 Server Read more about this resource...
  11. Bluscream

    TeaSpeak 1.0.19-beta

    TeaSpeak is a completely custom Teamspeak 3 Server written and maintained by @WolverinDEV. Please note that this project is currently in early BETA stage and it's not recommended for productional environments. The project aims to give an alternative to everyone who's annoyed by Teamspeak...
  12. Supervisor

    Unmaintained TeamSpeak Server Crack with Accounting Emulator -

    TeamSpeak Server Crack _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ This crack is unmaintained now. Clients with versions 3.2.0 and above may not connect any longer to servers that are older than version 3.1.0 You may try the...
  13. D

    How to remove this message?

    Some solution to remove this message that comes out when entering the server ts3?
  14. Supervisor

    Unmaintained TeamSpeak Server Crack with Accounting Emulator - 0.5.34

    TeamSpeak Server Crack Linux install script: Manual installation: 1. Put this in your hosts-file ! ! ! 2. Download the files 3. Extract the .zip file 4. Choose the version you want 5. You are done! Start your Accounting-Server-Emulator and the ts-server (Linux)...
  15. h1web

    Twitch Follower -> TS3 Servergroup (PHP)

    Hello, im looking for a way that Twitch Followers (not Subscribers) can assign themself a TS3 Servergroup through a PHP Script. Anyone has any expierince?
  16. X-Ecutioner

    Tutorial Install Windows Server on your OVH, SYS, Kimsufi and Hetzner server with just one command !

    Windows Installation Service Install Windows on your OVH, SYS, Kimsufi and Hetzner server with just one command. How It Works ? In 3 Simple Steps 1) Boot Into Rescue Login at your Kimsufi Control Panel, change netboot to Rescue mode and reboot your server. You will get an email from OVH with...
  17. 3rKaN_BRATTE

    Living-Bots or OVH vServer

    Since there was recently a new system update at OVH and Living-Bots id liked to ask witch of these vServer hoster would you recomend for me against DDoS Attacks. (SSD, CLOUD RAM, CLOUD) Thank you very much in...
  18. wigley

    server-groups assigner on channels entry

    Name of the script: server-groups assigner on channels entry Functions of the script: When an user join a specific channel, it auto-assign the specific server-group (for example: a channel named "Male" and a server-group named "Male" with the our icon) Why do you want it: Some users of my...
  19. Kieran

    Setup an SRV for TSDNS

    Scenario: You want your TS Users to connect to your TeamSpeak Server via "". Add an SRV and an A-Record to your DNS settings of the domain you want to use. The DNS settings could look different from this. First you have to add the A-Record. You can think of your own name...
  20. D

    TS³ Server template?

    Hey :) Does anyone have a template for a TS server? "Normal characters" should be used and best in English ;) Would be cool if someone has something. [I use YaTQA] :eek: