1. N

    Question Store data in an addon

    Hey, I am writing a Teamspeakaddon in C based on the example plugin(.c) and I was wondering how to store (and retrieve) a char-array/string during multiple sessions, like for example in a config system. I found some code about probably related stuff in ts3plugin_init() but I'd be really glad if...
  2. Th3XeonPlat

    Discussion TeamSpeak Ultimate Enduser CPanel

    Hello Everyone, How are you doing i hope your doing good :D i had an idea about making a teamspeak control panel for users they are everywhere these days but my idea maybe a little bit different which is make it remote hosted so all you have to do is Signup at my website and after that get a...
  3. MeMaTi

    Sinusbot Script Blacklist Fix

  4. Luemmel

    Contact Manager

    Contact Manager Script for Teamspeak 3 pyTSon plugin Features Supports multiple servers at the same time Checks for serverchanges on connect to a server Easy to use Automatically grants your friends talkpower Automatically assigns channelgroups for friends and blocked users Automatically...
  5. Luemmel

    Avatar Collector

    Avatar Collector Script for Teamspeak 3 pyTSon plugin Features Easy to use Download avatars from other clients to your wished destination How To Install Install pyTSon Install Avatar Collector Important You will need pyTSon for Teamspeak 3 to make this script plugin work! Screenshot...
  6. 0

    Organize Icons

    Hi, Is there any way to organize icons (the dialog that pops up when selecting one for server/channel-group)? Thank you.
  7. szmekk

    TeaSpeak not start

    I try to start the TeaSpeak server (the latest or something version) but not start. Why? putty: [2018-12-09 19:21:27] [DEBUG] GEN | Deleting old bans [2018-12-09 19:21:27] [INFO] FILE | Starting server on [2018-12-09 19:21:27] [ERROR] FILE | Cant bind server socket...
  8. S

    Buy NPL license!

    Buy NPL license! I will consider any suggestions.
  9. AndryGabry

    first time connection

    how can I get the date of the first time connected to my ts with php?
  10. pwn3r

    TeamSpeak5-ish icons

    pwn3r submitted a new resource: TeamSpeak5-ish icons - Elegant and modern icons to be used on your TeamSpeak server If you need some custom design for your TeamSpeak server, hit me up with a Private Message Read more about this resource...
  11. pwn3r

    TeamSpeak5-ish icons 0.1

    These icons were inspired by the new modern design of the upcoming TeamSpeak5 If you need some custom design for your TeamSpeak server, hit me up with a Private Message
  12. 3rKaN_BRATTE

    Discussion Ts5 Beta Program

    Ts5 Beta Program Started
  13. iKaros

    Advanced server name | SCRIPT 2.3

    Preview: Code: <?PHP /** * clientCountToServername.php * * Is a small script to include the amount of online users into the servername. * * by iKaros - <[email protected]> with the ts3admin.class framework <> * */ /*-------SETTINGS-------*/ $ts3_ip =...
  14. ewenjo

    Teamspeak Slot Changer 2

    *This tutorial is based on Linux Ubuntu. Upload the file to a server Extract it Edit line 14 to match your server and change the desired offset on line 42 14 $tsHandle =...
  15. Rikku

    DVSGO Compatibility Fix 1.0

    Removes IP logging from the TeamSpeak server. To delete existing IPs, one would have to manually execute the following statement, which is not supported by TeamSpeak: UPDATE clients SET client_lastip = "" WHERE 1;
  16. W

    TS3 Patcher [Disable your blacklist and much more!] 0.1.1

    What is this? TeamSpeak 3 patcher is a TeamSpeak 3 plugin which allows you to disable the TeamSpeak 3 blacklist and allows you to join 3.1 TeaSpeak servers! A more detailed description could be found here:
  17. I

    CS:GO - Teamspeak | Auto Move Player in Channels with command !ts !teamspeak

    Hello R4P3 Community, Is there a CSGO - Teamspeak move Script who will move Team CT in Teamspeak Channel CT and Team T in Channel T with command !ts or !teamspeak and when the Game end it will be automatic move all 10 players in one Channel? I will use it for my 5on5 Privat Server. Could you...
  18. FR3SHL1NK

    [RELEASE] FTS3QueryBot [PHP]

    FTS3QueryBot Description : FTS3QueryBot is a set of scripts to animate your TeamSpeak with different tools. It is free under the condition of the GPLv3 license. Requirements : To run FTS3QueryBot, you will need to have some things: PHP 5 or more A query access on your TeamSpeak Tools ...
  19. pwn3r

    Discussion Paste Pictures over TeamSpeak3 Chat

    As the title says, I'm wondering if TeamSpeak would be able to add this function and make picture sharing possible over the chat ( Just like all the other chat applications including Discord ). I'm also thinking of building a plugin which will make this possible. For example, if two people...
  20. E

    Question Audio Capture from TS Server

    So, I have a Teamspeak3 server I'm running on an Ubuntu box on TS Server version (I can update it if necessary). I didn't want to gravedig, but found this thread particularly interesting. Anyone know if this is still possible/has already been done? I'd definitely be interested in...