TeamSpeak Server Crack with Accounting Emulator

Unmaintained TeamSpeak Server Crack with Accounting Emulator - 0.5.34

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Tips for troubleshooting:
  • Make sure your hosts file looks like this:
    -> Linux: /etc/hosts
    -> Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
  • Make sure your AccountingServer is running!
    1. For Windows: the ugly black box that opens when you start AccountingServerEmulator-Windows.exe does have to stay open! If you close it, the teamspeak server WILL shut down! You may minimize it, though.
    2. For Linux: In your console, type top or htop. Look for the AccountingServerEmulator-Linux, you may have to scroll down to find it. If you dont - go into your TeamSpeak directory (/home/ts3user/teamspeakserver/) and type ./AccountingServerEmulator-Linux. Look for the proccess in top/htop again. If you still cannot find it, look at spoiler [AccountingServer doesn't start or keeps closing again] -> [Linux]
    3. Make sure you have the correct binary installed. (Only worry about this if you did the manual install. In this case, just overwrite your ts3server with the one we provide in the latest ts3server crack)
Right click "AccountingServerEmulator-Windows" Click "unblock" on the General tab @ the bottom right. Compatibility tab, Run as Administartor, and change to Windows 7. Close Both Emu,Ts3(If open). Run both.
My Errors have gone away.. Enjoy!
  • make sure you start it: ./AccountingServerEmulator-Linux
  • do htop or top and look for the proccess
  • You can't find it? Your HostingProvider blocked the name of this process then... o_O
  • simply rename the AccountingServerEmulator-Linux to like FUTS (fuck you teamspeak)
  • run your new futs ./futs
  • You are good to go, HAVE FUN!!! :p
ERROR | Accounting | Unable to connect to accounting server
-> Your Accounting Server is not running :)
-> You don't have a valid license key or it is not named "licensekey.dat"
-> Your hosts file is not set up properly. Simply read this guide how to set up your hosts file :)
-> You may also delete your serverkey.dat - that may cause the same error some times
-> The TeamSpeak Server is not able to connect to the weblist server (your server will NOT shut down due to this error)
Make sure your hosts file looks like this:
  • nano /etc/rc.conf
  • add linux_enable="YES" to the file
  • exit with CTRL-C, save it.
  • Restart your server
  • run ./AccountingServerEmulator-Linux and ./ start
(Thx to holzi131 for adding the FreeBSD fix)
  • Use the AntiCrack provided in the script
  • Only use as many slots as you need
  • Don't tell ANYONE that you cracked the server
  • Don't asign ServerQuery groups to clients on the TeamSpeak server as no real ATHP company would do so
  • When renting servers, keep beeing professional. Its kinda obvious if you say: That is my server, I can just shut it down If I'd want to -> lol

If you do have any problems running on Linux, make sure you run the most up to date scriptversion.
When posting your question, also make sure you include the according ts3server_0.log -> we cannot help you without.