1. SoulofSorrow

    Teamspeak3 Webinterface

    First-Coder Developments that make a difference Teamspeak³ Webinterface I want to show you a preview of my new Teamspeak3 Webinterface. This Webinterface has some new innovations to other existing Webinterfaces and would subsequent and will control a Teamspeak bot via web interface in the...
  2. E


    Hello! ;) I saw a Post on this Forum featuring an interface for teamspeak, which allow's the user to create permanent channels on a teamspeak through a serverquery. I tried out the script and figured out following problems: Users can create infinite permanent channels (spam) You can steal the...
  3. Duo

    TS3IconManagerV2 - V 1.0 [Webinterface]

    Hello , and welcome to TS3IconManagerV2 , V1Script was created by Doc94 ( https://github.com/Doc94/TS3IconManager ) Basically I have added some new things to the script . (English Only) I modify and change the following things: no UID needed (Automaticly enter the icon manager!) New style (...
  4. panteL

    Channel Create Script [Webinterface]

    Use on your own risk! PROJEKT CANCELED! Because of personal stuff, Sorry! Original Script was created by Member @AnonymousSV Basically I translate the Script from Romania to German (English is following soon) I modify and change the following things: no sub channel needed (removed) no...
  5. S

    Rankup System with Webinterface

    This Software is not from me! But it works perfect. Features: scan online activity of users automatically add an user to a servergroup, if reached a predefined online time separate list for future rankups inform the user at rankup (as TeamSpeak textmessage) language-support [at moment english...
  6. Bluscream

    First-Coder Webinterface [WiP]

    Website: http://first-coder.de/#profilueberischt (DE) Official forum thread: https://hoster-board.de/index.php?thread/38-webinterface-vorstellung (DE) Abandoned forum thread: https://www.teamspeak-connection.de/Thread/566-Teamspeak-3-Webinterface-from-First-Coder (DE) Demo...