1. Private-Hosting

    VPS Hosting starting at 1€/month

    Private-Hosting.eu sell a lot of services, starting with VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server and Web Hosting. All our server are hosted by myloc.de and it have a basic ddos protection that it mitigate the most frequently ddos attack. You can find all our plan available on our website using this link...
  2. Martin S.

    Help with your own VPS

    Hi, Just found this interesting site with many tutorials about VPS, called VPSServer Maybe some of you know it from before, but for someone who just saw it, there you go! There are tips/tutos about Securing your vps, installing webserver, cpanels etc..maybe someone finds it helpful, especially...
  3. szmekk

    TeaSpeak not start

    I try to start the TeaSpeak server (the latest or something version) but not start. Why? putty: [2018-12-09 19:21:27] [DEBUG] GEN | Deleting old bans [2018-12-09 19:21:27] [INFO] FILE | Starting server on [2018-12-09 19:21:27] [ERROR] FILE | Cant bind server socket...
  4. M

    How to install TS3AudioBot?

    Hello, my problem is install TS3AudioBot to Ubuntu. Source: https://github.com/Splamy/TS3AudioBot Please help, explain how I can install it.
  5. XRV-Webix

    Teamspeak Query PHP Scripts

    Hello all. I've seen here and around the web a lot of php scripts and java software to somewhat give more features to teamspeak server. Apart i am not against those, i have to point out an aspect that hundred, thousands of you are missing: The teamspeak query is meant for management only. I've...
  6. Encoding

    Mbot 24

    Hello, I have a question about installing mbot 24. My question is what system needs mbot and how to install additional applications to it to access TS3 server. There are a lot of guides on how to install ionCube, but none of it works. Will anyone help with full installation of mbot 24?
  7. X-Ecutioner

    Tutorial Install Windows Server on your OVH, SYS, Kimsufi and Hetzner server with just one command !

    Windows Installation Service Install Windows on your OVH, SYS, Kimsufi and Hetzner server with just one command. How It Works ? In 3 Simple Steps 1) Boot Into Rescue Login at your Kimsufi Control Panel, change netboot to Rescue mode and reboot your server. You will get an email from OVH with...
  8. Danielix99

    Ovh iptables vps strange rules..

    Hi, i've a little ts3 over an OVH vps, i have just installed a little firewall (apf firewall) and it seems to stop a lot of attacks...but a i use to buy some server to test my protection, and i just flooded the standard ts3 client port(9987) and everyone on the server just dropped, even if its...
  9. J

    Anyone here used Dedishops?

    I am specifically talking about thier vps: https://www.dedishops.com/vps-games-antiddos I've read some bad stuff on here about their downtimes, and also some good stuff. Trying to decide to buy their vps or just straight from OVH.
  10. Belhassen

    Tutorial Connect To Amazon EC2 Using Putty Private Key

    Hey everyone Today I show you how to Connecting to Your Linux Instance from Windows Using PuTTY ... This screencast will show how to use a PuTTY private key to connect to your Amazon EC2 Linux instance. Prior to this, we were using ssh on the OS X terminal and our .pem key file in order to...
  11. Belhassen

    Tutorial Connect to Amazon EC2 file directory using Filezilla and SFTP

    Hello People If you have an AWS EC2 Instance and want to be able to upload files to the server directory using FileZilla? This is a step by step guide. The programs used : FileZilla | Virustotal PuTTYgen | Virustotal A little thanks goes a long way :D
  12. B

    WHMCS on ubuntu Linux?

    i have the latest whmcs that's nulled by r4p3 (forgot who exactly) but it used to work fine when I had my hosting from godaddy but I decided to move it onto my ubuntu machine, which with 12gb of ram from ovh I thought could handle it. I installed LAMP, and the necessary files for whmcs (ioncube)...
  13. R

    Teamspeak Hosting -- VPS GOOD

    Hello, I will leave here some of the best host I have ever tested and so far have not given me any problems, if anyone has already tested their anti-ddos protection tell us in the comments. 1º - https://myvirtualserver.com -- Very low prices , good protection up to 800 GBps, voxility provider...
  14. DDoSBoy

    Tutorial Hosting Providers List [DDoS Protection, Always Updated, More Info]

    THREAD ISN'T DONE YET Hello today i will be listing my tread finally after trying almost every single host (VPS Hosting). I know there are a lot of threads liek this on r4p3 but i am going to post this thread in a more explained and a better way. For DDoS Protection i've used some web stressers...
  15. sad

    DDOSE: Config Defense Vps

    guys have vps geno linux(debian x64) know ddose protoction work in by data center but i want self config this i wanna script or tutorial for more security and defense DDose ^_^ Function:wanna script check ip is when detect attack ban this ip and control for more security who can help me :D;)
  16. sad

    The best VPS OS Linux?

    hi guys your Opinions who os geno linux best for vps? share Opinions by reason ;)
  17. Joxiii

    0,01 USD VPS 1GB RAM 1 Month!

    Hey Guys from R4P3.NET i wanna share this to you! Leave a like if it work for you! Go to https://interserver.net/vps/ and buy a 1gb vps the 6$ deal Register then enter coupon code "1cent" to get it for 1 cent. [/SPOILER] MOD EDIT: REMOVED BIT.LY LINK
  18. Betterfudge

    Free VPS for hosting Teamspeak Server?

    Hello everyone, after having multiple 3rd party free ts3 providers host for me and have the teamspeak go down permanently each time after a while, I am pretty desperate for a solution for free, private teamspeak server. I am aware that it is possible to host a server using a vps, however many of...
  19. C

    Music Bot on VPS (Lags/Crackling/Distortion/Stop)

    I need help about my music bot on VPS Linux, the sound stops,lags,crackling,distortion when any music be playing sorry my bad english, i'm from brazil. VPS Config: 1 GB Ram 1 Core 3.7Ghz 30GB HDD 100mbps Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x86 Music Bot uses: PulseAudio (Virtual Sound Card) Audacious (Music...
  20. JayJax

    Free vps? this maybe something for you!!

    I have been searching around to get a vps without paying ect ect, well no luck yet but got something that could make you smile. Im talking about : https://koding.com/ The only thing what you need to do there is to create a account and it will send you a password to connect to your own VPS. This...