dynamic banner

  1. davidjaksa

    TS3-Live-Banner 1.0

    TS3-Live-Banner A lightweight TS3 live-banner Warning! Every client requests his/her banner on connecting, and after that, they'll do this in every minute. This can cause a server query flood, please keep in mind that! Installion Download the repository, and move it to under the DocumentRoot...
  2. JimmyNail

    TerraBot.de a bot for big Communities

    We at TerraBot are working on a project with which we try to inspire the users and make many functions in Teamspeak easier. Via TerraBot.de you can set up and configure your dynamic banner. This site is currently still in Alpha and will be developed further. With new ideas and extended...
  3. L

    Tivet - Teamspeak 3 Dynamic Banner 1.0.3

    Important Create cache folder if not exist main folder. Status 1.0.3 Changelog for 1.0.3 [~] Cache handler changed to Zend Cache Features UTF-8 Support Template Engine (Dark and Light template included) Multi Language Support (Turkish and English added) OOP Configurable Cache System for...
  4. winzi

    Avoiding GFX Intervall - Dynamic Banner

    I wonder if it is possible to avoid / block the GFX Intervall and refresh the Banner over Cronjobs or something like that. Or is there a way to minimize the GFX Intervall under 60 secs?