TerraBot.de a bot for big Communities

TerraBot.de a bot for big Communities

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Latest updates

  1. TerraBot v4.0

    [ENGLISH] NEW Create Channel With the new app "Create Channel" you can send our Bot a function...
  2. TerraBot 3.0 (the fastest Terrabot)

    UPDATE 3.0 ENGLISH change log Bot-Engine completely reworked. The bot is 150 times faster...
  3. UPDATE 2.7 - Erstelle so viele Filter du willst

    UPDATE 2.7 A new server was organized for our bot and the bot itself was optimized again. Thus...

Latest reviews

Nice application
Very good, thanks!
Thank you Perfect
it work perfectly with many options to customize the banner 1+
Soo good, support good.
Top notch love it. You fixed the One problem teamspeak has had for years. keep up the great work. :)