[Mirror] TeamSpeak 3 Client

[Mirror] TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.2.5

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=== Client Release 3.2.5 17 Apr 2019
- Fixed Qt security vulnerability
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=== Client Release 3.2.3 01 Oct 2018
- Fixed a crash in audio playback.
Thanks to our user Seebi for the great report!
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=== Client Release 3.2.2 17 Sep 2018
! Fixed client freeze when plugins are using voice callbacks.
! Cancel myTeamSpeak ID validation if there is no encryption key present.
- Fixed problems with myTeamSpeak ID update.
- Fixed Sync state handling if encryption was not set up.
- myTeamSpeak ID is now properly updated after using sync fallback.
=== Client Release 3.2.1 14 Aug 2018
! Improved connecting to myTeamSpeak service
=== Client Release 3.2.0 13 Aug 2018
! Dropped support for pre 3.1.0 TeamSpeak servers.
+ Introducing myTeamSpeak integrations for Twitch. Link your Twitch account with your myTeamSpeak account and enjoy special benefits on TeamSpeak servers of your subscribed Twitch streamers. This requires sending along your myTeamSpeak ID, enabling the server to check if your account is subscribed to the Streamer.
+ improved server tree performance.
- fixed bug where the client show the wrong client info if the client loads multiple icons
- Various myTeamSpeak Sync bug fixes and improvements.
- Client does not show a myTeamspeak ID error anymore when connecting to a pre 3.3.0 server.
- minor fix in myTeamSpeak ID creation if requested by multiple clients.
+ Added proper error handling for integrations if the TeamSpeak server has a huge time difference.
- Server integration cache is updated properly even if the integration was deleted and added again while connected.
- Fixed problem assigning the desired groups when logging in to an account while connected to a TeamSpeak server.
- Updated handling in myTeamSpeak options tab in case of connection issues.
- Fixed sorting of groups in server integration drop down box.
- Privilege key error dialog now only appears once when using an invalid key.
+ Improved server integration management dialog. Does not resize to the content anymore.
- Fixed german translation.
- Fixed behavior where the client didn't show an error message if a problem occurs while manipulating server integrations.
- Made styling for server integration management dialog possible.
- Fixed crash that occures when the client request the Twitch subscription status.
- Fixed error where the client does not handle a myTeamSpeakID update properly.
* Smaller updates in connection initialisation handling.
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=== Client Release 3.1.10 09 Jun 2018
+ Introducing our new TeamSpeak Logo.
=== Client Release 3.1.9 04 May 2018
- Windows: Notify if microphone access is denied due to privacy settings
- Linux: Fix scrollwheel triggering mouse4/5
=== Client Release 3.1.8 22 Jan 2018
- Fixed disconnect on invalid connection info data.
- Fixed macOS application bundle which caused the client to not start on case-sensitive file systems.
- Hardened Linux startscript to better find installed SSL certificates. If no SSL certificates are found, don't crash the client on start but show meaningful error message (but we still cannot run without SSL certificates).
- Fixed critical messagebox very early in the startup process, which tried to load an icon before the zip archive was initialized.
- Fixed to badges parser which failed to limit shown badges to three with invalid input.
- Fixed creating bookmark folders in bookmarks manager.
=== Client Release 3.1.7 13 Dec 2017
* Added setting in Options/Design to disable tree tooltips as requested by user feedback. Tooltips are enabled by default.
* Added contextmenu to move bookmarks and identities between synchronized and local lists as usability improvement for sight-impaired users.
* Updated license agreement in installers.
* Various internal changes for our new server accounting system.
* Added support for percent-encoded server nicknames in ts3server:// links, invite dialog and chat.
* Use more reliable timestamp server for Windows code signing certificate.
* Refactored server nickname check and discard/apply behaviour in virtual server edit dialog.
* Overhauled TSDNS code to better integrate new server nicknames into the existing resolve process.
- Fixed rare possibility to lose synchronized items when myTeamSpeak server gets unresponsive.
- Fixed subscribe mode producing errors when connecting to servers where your subscription abilities are limited by permissions.
- Fixed empty license text in about dialog for non-german/english languages.
- Fixed possible rare crash when exiting the application on all platforms.
- Fixed possible crash on macOS in hotkey detection code.
- Fixed client freeze when trying to resolve a server nickname and backend is unavailable or slow.
- Fixed crash in bookmarks dialog found in crashdumps.
=== Client Release 3.1.6 16 Aug 2017
! Added Server Nicknames feature. Register a server nickname on the myTeamSpeak.com webpage to let users easily connect to your TS3 server.
! Added support for new server property and permission, which allows you to enter registered server nicknames as server property to display it to all users on this server.
* Support for new black/graylist backend.
* Support for new server license features.
* Don't spam "failed to connect to myteamspeak server" notifications. Show it once after client start and then again only in intervals of 6 hours.
- Windows sound backend overhaul continued.
- Fixed crashes reported by crashdumps