Upgrade cracked win7 -> win10.


Dec 17, 2015
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Now I'm fairly sure most of you don't care about windows 10, don't want to use windows 10, don't want anything to do with windows 10. I personally like it, I like the way it feels, I like the way it looks, I like the way it functions, over the past few months I have gotten very use to using it, and enjoy it very much. Granted like with all operating systems that microsoft makes, it's got it's quirks and bugs. But it was free, I didn't have to pay for it, this is how I did it.

The first thing you want to do is get Windows Loader 2.2.2 By Daz (do not get it from the website, get it from a torrent on the net.), this is a tool that injects a VLK into Windows 7 to activate the operating system which will report that it is activated and genuine, even when using microsoft's tool to check it.

Install your windows 7 x32 or x64 home pro does not matter just make sure the edition you are using isn't pre-activated, as soon as the install is finished, run the windows loader, and activate the operating system. Now, to be able to do the update to win10, you need to update windows 7 using w/e updates you can get off the server since they are no longer making new ones. Yes lifetime cycle ended for support no more updates for OS. They will host the win 7 updates that are on the server for the next 5 years, after that, no more updates at all.

Now, after you got the updates to installed and you're ready to do the upgrade, download the media creation tool for windows 10, this lets you upgrade the win 7 os to win10, now the key here is because of the change in Microsoft product key server they now tie your hardware ids of motherboard and anything cpu related to the key upon doing the upgrade, so you have to select the upgrade to Windows 10, this will give you a legit digital entitlement key when the upgrade process is complete.

After getting win10 upgrade process complete and you are in the operating system, download magicjellybean's keyfinder software, use it to extract the Product key from the win10 install. Now, the next thing you want to do is download the media creation tool one more time, this time when you run it you want to select to make media for another device, select to make a iso, allow it to do its thing, then take rufus 2.6 the usb tool, to put the iso on a usb, we'll use this to do a fresh clean install of Win10, remember you'll be prompt for a cdkey, use the one we extracted with keyfinder.

The reason I suggest to do a clean install, is to rid the hard disk of the pre-existing windows 7, because in the case that you want to upgrade the motherboard, or cpu in the computer, it will deactivate your legit digital entitlement, from which you can call Microsoft and get them to reactivate your os for you. Though this is a bit tedious and time consuming because as most people know Microsoft techs are retards. Now when you have to call the techs to reactivate in the case that you lose your activation upon hardware change, you just need to tell the Microsoft techs that you upgraded the motherboard and the processor of the operating system, and it deactivated. They will want to do a few things to "verify" what you say, they will ask you to do a couple of things on the pc, go ahead and do them because as long as you did the clean install you have nothing to worry about.

After which they usually want to remote the computer, go ahead and let them, they will run a couple of commands from the Run dialog, they are pretty much checking to see if you have a previous installation of windows on the hard disk. Since you did a clean install, you will not. After they feel as though they are content with what they see, they will just generate you a new cdkey, change it for you, from which you can then use keyfinder again and extract the new cdkey.

I had to gone through this process about 3 months ago, I already had a cracked version of windows 7 x64, that I had used windows loader 2.2.2 by daz on, a couple months later, I bought a new motherboard, and a new cpu, it deactivated my windows 10, and I did as I just said in this post, called Microsoft, let them do all their checking, explained I had changed the motherboard and cpu, and after about 30 minutes, they generated me another product key which was a VLK key since the previous one I had from where windows loader injected it's VLK key. I know this process works because I use it to make windows 10 VM's all the time for other users on a botting forum I am a member of. It activated the os, works just fine, receives updates whole 9 yards.


Feb 10, 2016
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I personally like my win7. I like the way it feels, i like the way it looks, i like the way it functions, i like the way i tweaked it. Over the past few years i have gotten very used to using it and enjoy it very much. There is no way to make me convert to win10 crap which is a huge spying POS on the scale that many people just don't realize. Microsoft didn't release it for free without a good reason. Also, they didn't start a rootkit division a few years ago to help people. They were studying the subject and that's what you have in win10 now - the system is wide open to some authorities and when they join you won't be able to tell. Just like skype chats and voice conversations are being tapped. Just like your gmail account and your FB account is transparent to authorities. I feel so sorry for all these people who got lured in this crap. It's a global grid. No more, no less. I would expect people to fight for their freedom and independence but instead it seems that they just like the good shit being served to them and begin to loose the bigger picture of all of this. When you want to cook a frog you need to do it very, very slowly, rising the temperature in small steps. The frog won't realize a thing then until it's fully cooked...

BTW i have never im my life used any loaders for win7.
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