Iptables for Game Server VPS


Jul 28, 2015
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Can you share the best iptables rules ? to protect UDP Games like counter-strike and other games which are full of players.

Currently i am on OVH Game but i some times get attacks which gets filtered after timeout. But if you guys can share iptables rules which has anti exploit for protect from UDP flood so it does not saturate the bandwith of the vps which then becomes lag or some times hang / unresponsive.



Try out https://javapipe.com/blog/iptables-ddos-protection/ and if that does not work I would urge someone on the forums to try gmchosting as they provide some premium filtering for some gmod servers so I wonder if they are just as good regarding ts3 or not. I have not tested them
Those iptables rules from javapipe aren't for UDP, since UDP is and will be problem.
TCP Isn't problem at all, I mean depends what you're hosting but its not problem for sure neither for Teamspeak nor some Game server (counter strike, etc...)

You first need to get hit with an attack and than save it in tcpdump/pcap so that you can analyze it and filter it, you can't protect yourself from attack that you didn't recieve since your firewall doesn't know how to act on new incoming attack. (and this only goes for those non-enterprise protections)
With some anti ddos protected host, when you see that vps with protection costs 150-200 € with 1 gig of ram and 1 cpu, than you know that protection is good, like https://www.hyperfilter.com is, this protection use some special algorithms for attacks, on which not even one spoofed attack even doesn't work, thats another kind of protection, and here you'll be surely secured and protected. But on others as I said you first need to get attacked in order to analyze it and block it.
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