Hacking any Windows game


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Apr 25, 2015
North America
I am going to give a quick basic overview of using Cheat Engine to hack a game, this is very basic! Please share your game hacking techniques in a reply - we can all learn and have fun!

When looking into beginning with game hacking, it is important to understand one very quick and simple concept.

Games that connect to servers can have server-side checking of user data, for example if a server has logic to know a user can only move XYZ coordinates (4 every 1 second), then if you try moving 5 or 10.. within 1 second, the server can try correcting your client. So will teleportation hacks work then? No. This is a basic example of how some games are not easily hacked, they have server-side checking on ammo values, health, etc..

The server may know your health is 99, the server knows a projectile hit you. The projectile damage is 20 point on the server, did your health go down 20 points? Yes it should have otherwise - your health may show 99 on your screen but you will die anyway when server knows your health hits 0. Long story short.. if a server is checking to verify client information, making hacks can be between difficult to pretty much impossible. In fact, all types of hacking can be helped to stop by using server-side data verification. With that said, we are going to keep this more legal and focus on a client only game.

Go get this game: https://portableapps.com/apps/games/the-legend-of-edgar-portable

Get https://cheatengine.org/

Launch the game, then use Cheat Engine to select the game process.

Scan for all values, unknown initial value!

Get hit by a "bad guy" once, then search for decreased value.

Repeat this until you either find the value or you die, if you die make sure to change the searched value from "decreased value" to "increased value"!

Eventually you should end up with a health value. You can drag this down.. and freeze it by clicking the X (box to the left)! Now health should no longer decrease.

If you want a video please just ask, and tell me some games you are trying this on.. good luck and have fun.
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