Forum Cleanup


Apr 27, 2015
As you may have noticed, we have changed the forum quite a bit lately..

Talking as "we", I would also like to introduce our new administrator, @Alligatoras , to you. You may have noticed him as a moderator in the last two years and he has become a vital member in our team. His further support makes us even more happy :D

  • We are still in the process of organizing everything to look tight and clean again. Also, we are looking forward to expand. This will also include topics like ATTACK/DEFENSE including tutorials, methods and more!
  • We removed the international section as it was not beeing used any longer.
  • We moved the section "Nulled scripts" into the OffTopic as we generally do not want this content here any longer. Permission to post new content there has also been removed. After a while we will remove this section entirely.
  • We removed "Support | Requests" from the main category since it is only meant for forum related (not content related) questions.
  • "TeamSpeak" is now a subsection of "VoIP" wich now also contains Discord, TeaSpeak and Skype. We will continue the TeamSpeak section, however we do not foresee a bright future currently.
  • We decided to remove the group "hoster" - we dont want any ad-alike content
  • We will start hiring new staff for a new development team
  • Feel free to express anything you want to tell us here
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