DigiMarket - Make your own market (e.g. a scriptfodder alternative)

Would you download this when this is finished?

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Jan 21, 2017
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by ExLabs.net
(it's probably best not to go onto the website as there is literally nothing there as I've only recently bought the domain and I set it up fully today so I have to start adding content to it now lol)

So ever wanted to create a market for digital goods, something like scriptfodder, or coderhire? (I am completely oblivious to any non-GMod related examples)?
I once wanted to until I realised I was under 18.
Anyways for those who actually want to I'm working on a web project that will allow you to, I did make a previous version to this (It was 1. Poorly Made 2. Vulnerable to Security Exploits 3. Had a very inconsistent design -> I made it when I was 12 so well you can see why it had this many problems).

I didn't get the other paragraph, what actually is this?
This is a script that allows you to create your very own digital goods market place.

So whats so special about this?
This version is going to
1) Have much better optimisation - it'll run sooooo much quicker than the old one.
2) Be a LOT more stable (Even in the beta)
3) Be very developer friendly, so making add-ons or custom themes will be very easy
4) Have a consistent, fresh design.
5) Be really, really (And I mean REALLY) easy to configure and setup (the configuration file will be completely guided)
6) Have much, much cleaner code (that wont make you feel depressed if you look at it)
7) When it's out of beta I might give it OTA updates (if I can afford a server to host it off of. OH and if it gets any users)

Why should I choose this over the others out there?
1) I don't even know if there are any others.
2. Read the paragraph above (the "So what's so special about this?" paragraph).

Enough blabbering, when will this be released?
I am planning to release the first beta in about a month or two (hopefully less)
If this post gets support then I will fast track it and spend a lot more time developing it.

If you would be interested in helping then give me a shout!
Just to add, work on this started a while back and it's not just starting now :p


I will be switching over to hosting by Zelon (https://zelon.com) (big shout out to them for hooking me up with some sweet web hosting for me to develop on) so hopefully i can start again in a few days providing codeanywhere give me my files/fix my account

UPDATE: Codeanywhere are literally trolling me now, I have had 3 emails talking to me about verifying my email when it's already verified, I even changed it and verified that, then I changed it back and re-verified it so I am pretty annoyed with them at the moment + they don't read my email replies so when I reply I have to create a whole new ticket (because their ticketing system is so bad you can't comment on it without writing an email reply which only gets read on occasions) + I only get one response per day :(
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May 3, 2016
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Awesome, can't wait until the new version is released!