Bank Programing


Apr 29, 2016
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Hi, I need help, the teacher asked us to create something like a bank, but I have no idea how it can be done.
The code must contain all 15 points.
1. Prepare the structure of the client containing the necessary data according to your needs. Note, this structure must hold at least one pointer to the array, e.g. 10 accounts numbers.
2. This structure must allow public data about the client to be displayed, private data to be displayed, and private data to be edited. Note, the edition of private data and their display must take place after providing a super-secret password known only to all bank employees.
3. Prepare a 100 element table based on the Client structure. Clients will be kept in it.
4. Prepare the data cleaning function for a specific number in the table from point 3.
5. Clear data at the start of the program for all clients.
6. Prepare the function displaying the customer number and his name. Remember that initially there are no customers, so you have to hold some variable in the structure that is a flag if the client already exists or not. Use the bool variable.
7. Prepare the function that inserts data about the new client into the first free space in the table. Note: check that you are not in the range of the board (we have only 100 clients). Initially, after adding the client, this one has no accounts yet.
8. Prepare a function that deletes a specific client, including erasing memory at the pointer. This function is to write out the amounts paid from the account to the screen. After being written out on the accounts it gets zero.
9. Prepare the mechanism of depositing amounts into the account after entering your own password by the customer and his account number, so you will have to keep the client's password.
10. Prepare the mechanism for issuing certain amounts from the account, the client provides his password, account number and amount to be paid out. Please display the appropriate payment message and reduce the amount. Note: You can not go below zero. NOTE 2: Over 10,000 payments are confirmed by an employee of the bank with a staffing slogan.
11. Prepare the function of changing the client's password. He then gives the old password and new one. When giving badly old then deny access.
12. Prepare the mechanism for setting up a new account for the client.
13. Let the customer can check what is the sum of funds accumulated in the account.
14. Let the bank employee check what is the sum of funds accumulated on all accounts, how many clients he has, what is the average amount collected by all clients.
15. Prepare the menu in the main application that will be able to launch the appropriate functions.
Thank you for your help.