1. ewenjo


  2. X

    Server Teamplate Group Rights

    Good day, Does anyone know how to edit the Default templete Server Group Rights? So that when i creating a virtual Server everything is preset. Unfortunately, I did not find anything on the Internet. Thanks in Advance! Greetings, xShiZuKaa_1 | Jack
  3. X

    TeaSpeak Channel default-settings

    Hey, I wanted to ask, if you create a channel, the description "I don't have a description" can turn off. So that simply no description is displayed. I use the TeaSpeak server for TeamSpeak clients. Thanks in advance! Greetings, xShiZuKaa_1 | Jack
  4. U

    Blacklist Server Offline?

    A TeaSpeak Server of my friend got recently blacklisted, after a week the blacklist was removed so i checked maybe the Blacklist server is offline. accounting.teamspeak.com - ONLINE backupaccounting.teamspeak.com - ONLINE ipcheck.teamspeak.com - OFFLINE Does anybody know more?
  5. szmekk

    TeaSpeak not start

    I try to start the TeaSpeak server (the latest or something version) but not start. Why? putty: [2018-12-09 19:21:27] [DEBUG] GEN | Deleting old bans [2018-12-09 19:21:27] [INFO] FILE | Starting server on [2018-12-09 19:21:27] [ERROR] FILE | Cant bind server socket...
  6. mkll11one

    Tutorial How to get TSviewer/TS3index/gametracker to work.

    Hello and welcome to this guide. Here i will guide you with: How can i getting the: TSViewer/TS3index and gametracker to works on my server! First you need to doing: - Go to your putty or SFTP. - Open the config.yml, and check the "MOTD" about it's correctly like (this): motd: "TS3\n\rWelcome...
  7. mkll11one

    Tutorial How to get TeaSpeak to show license (AAL License from TeamSpeak)

    Hello. A small guide on how to get TeaSpeak to display "valid" license purchased through TeamSpeak to be used for TeaSpeak. (AAL license) 1) You open your browser, and visit TeamSpeak.com. 2) After that. Click on Features > licensing (It shows you which license is possible and choose. However...
  8. W

    TS3 Patcher [Disable your blacklist and much more!] 0.1.1

    What is this? TeamSpeak 3 patcher is a TeamSpeak 3 plugin which allows you to disable the TeamSpeak 3 blacklist and allows you to join 3.1 TeaSpeak servers! A more detailed description could be found here: https://github.com/TeaSpeak/TS3-Patch-plugin
  9. Bluscream


    Bluscream submitted a new resource: TeaSpeak - A custom Teamspeak 3 Server Read more about this resource...
  10. Bluscream

    TeaSpeak 1.0.19-beta

    TeaSpeak is a completely custom Teamspeak 3 Server written and maintained by @WolverinDEV. Please note that this project is currently in early BETA stage and it's not recommended for productional environments. The project aims to give an alternative to everyone who's annoyed by Teamspeak...