1. DalexHDYT

    Steam & TeamSpeak integration soon... Welcome Open source, Welcome SteamSpeak!

    First, if you reached this post, thanks for clicking on to it, really appreciated :) Now let's get in dipper: What is SteamSpeak? SteamSpeak is a Node.js and VueJS application which allows you to power up your TeamSpeak3 server: Integrate your server with steam built-in rich presence...
  2. L

    Looking for a free ts3 server with no ads!

    I know this is a long-shot, but it's worth the try! I am looking for a free teamspeak server without ads located somewhere in europe. The server will simply be used for me and my friends. I don't need much slots, if you are able to provide more then 10 it will be wonderful but 10 is enough for...
  3. nutellazpw

    Google gonna buy discord

    Tweets circulate the stories that the google buys the discord. Google still not notify players about that , but GDC Conference is currently underway. If is that true,this is good for teamspeak users :D Google is horrible as social and has killed almost every product in that area. Twitter status
  4. T

    Run 2x TeamSpeak3 Server on 1x Vserver

    Hello Community, Is it possible to edit some TeamSpeak3 Server details to run 2 TeamSpeak3 Server on 1 Vserver? Best Regards, Tim
  5. K

    dns blacklist

    Hi, DNS received in blacklist. if it is directed to any TeamSpeak3, it will give a blacklist error. Can you help me? I don't know English. Google translater Sorry
  6. pwn3r

    Paste Pictures over TeamSpeak3 Chat

    As the title says, I'm wondering if TeamSpeak would be able to add this function and make picture sharing possible over the chat ( Just like all the other chat applications including Discord ). I'm also thinking of building a plugin which will make this possible. For example, if two people...
  7. pwn3r

    SMART Banner Generator

    Hello guys! I made a little script this morning for the ones who are in need of a smart banner for their TeamSpeak servers. With this tool, you can generate your own banner in a half second. Make your own banner now: ;) Output example: Incoming updates: • I will be...
  8. Najsr

    Twitch/TS3 Subscriber Bridge

    Hello I have created a simple bridge to allow subscribers to get special icon on your TS3 Server. Script link: Things you will need: Your account id (set DEBUG to TRUE in config.php and call the script with $_GET['nick'] parameter. (For...
  9. Wicked

    Good vps / vds for teamspeak3 server

    Hello guys ! I need an good site that sell/resell vps / vds hosted in europe but to have an good anti-ddos for teamspeak3 server and i mean an good anti-ddos not all shits that everyone cand down it ! vps / vds bandwidth - 10 TB + [!] DO NOT PM ME THE SITES THAT YOU WILL SUGGEST ! IF YOU HAVE...
  10. Encoding

    Mbot 24

    Hello, I have a question about installing mbot 24. My question is what system needs mbot and how to install additional applications to it to access TS3 server. There are a lot of guides on how to install ionCube, but none of it works. Will anyone help with full installation of mbot 24?
  11. XARON

    TeamSpeak 3 - Banner 1.0.4

    #Installation Upload all files to your server. Open ./vendor/config.php Edit server settings Get API key from after activate & set key Enjoy!
  12. Shiroezi

    Tutorial (m-bot) english language

    First of all, I don't know if I'm posting this in the right directory so sorry if it is in the wrong one and if I could ask it to be moved to the right one. Thanks! So, I've read few of the (m-bot) threads and I've seen that most of them are legit and sh*t like that, but some people either sent...
  13. K

    Tutorial WWW Panel , Author (Classkaii)

    Hello, today provides the Panel Web servers Teamspeak 3. This panel is written in Polish language but as someone I need for your Teamspeak server in another language Google translator always you will help Good luck This is probably my last post I think so but I'm not sure VirusTotal Scan ...
  14. A

    New and Free TeamSpeak3 server provider !

    Hi, today i want 'present' you a new website (with free domain, but this is not a problem) where you can create your free server :eek: It's really stable and no-laggy etc... There is the website : Idk if i put this 'discussion' in the right place, if i dont just move it...
  15. C

    Tutorial Teamspeak [] funny Exploit

    Its a funny Teamspeak bug for the [] to make your Teamspeak name 3 slots Big! Only works on Windows 7!
  16. T

    TS3 SDK Crack IN Process, and waiting for help.

    First, i'm sorry about my (MAYBE) poor english. These days i'm trying to Crack TS3 Server SDK using IDA, and fortunately i achieved something, I can now completely fake an TS3 License File for SDK, and then I need some help on Network Protocol of the Accounting Server. Though i can continue...
  17. T

    New version error IPV6

    Hello guys i have this problem on my 0 server (VPS Ubuntu 14.04) FIREWALL OFF 2016-08-11 00:29:49.005929|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111 Host file is setted correctly Isnt impossibile to downgrade to 3.0.13 to Please help me!
  18. Joxiii

    Teamspeak 3 Server Crack Overview

    Joxiii submitted a new resource: Teamspeak 3 Server Crack Overview - Teamspeak 3 Server Crack Overview Read more about this resource...