1. Awlok

    Pterodactyl Script

    Hello guys, I would like to know if any of you have any pterodactyl panel installer script updated? Sorry for my bad english. King Regards
  2. R

    Buzzy Bundle - Viral Media Script

    Hey Friends i am a big fan of R4p3 . and i use it regularly. i wanted to request a codecanyon script which is called Buzzy Bundle - Viral Media Script There are sites providing v2.0 but the latest version is v2.5 which i tried to found but did not. Can anyone here please provide my Buzzy...
  3. W

    Question Which Control Panel is this ?

    Name of the script: PANEL DE CONTROL 1.0 Functions of the script: Users can control groups, channels & so on using the webpanel --> Why do you want it: It seems to be quite cool, even tho I cant understand the language Screenshots: Look yourself -->...
  4. Ch4ch4rR4t0

    TS3 Script - start/stop/restart server via web

    Hi, I need for my project script Start / Stop and Restart, this is used for users panel for your servers created. My panel is 78% and need only this script. I tried to extract from ts3wi but could not. Thnak you for help :}
  5. Inventordan

    [Request]Teamspeak Recording Plugin

    Hello, I want a plugin that records the audio of the channel that i'm in without it telling everyone that I'm recording. I want this because when I start recording in teamspeak everyone quiets down and it doesn't become as fun. I'm using the latest version of Teamspeak 3. Any and all replies...
  6. Ibo


    Is it possible to create section for editors Videos & images
  7. shockli

    Question What would you like me to code?

    Hello, What plugin/tool/addon would you like me to code for you? I will code it if I find it useful and I will also release the source code.