1. 3rKaN_BRATTE

    Question Living-Bots or OVH vServer

    Since there was recently a new system update at OVH and Living-Bots id liked to ask witch of these vServer hoster would you recomend for me against DDoS Attacks. (SSD, CLOUD RAM, CLOUD) Thank you very much in...
  2. D


    Name of the script: Group-Protection Functions of the script: kick/ban users not belonging to the group which set in config Why do you want it: Protect admin group Screenshots: Original source (if any): Group-Protection is in, but i need in php and only this...
  3. R

    Teamspeak Hosting -- VPS GOOD

    Hello, I will leave here some of the best host I have ever tested and so far have not given me any problems, if anyone has already tested their anti-ddos protection tell us in the comments. 1º - -- Very low prices , good protection up to 800 GBps, voxility provider...
  4. DDoSBoy

    Tutorial Hosting Providers List [DDoS Protection, Always Updated, More Info]

    THREAD ISN'T DONE YET Hello today i will be listing my tread finally after trying almost every single host (VPS Hosting). I know there are a lot of threads liek this on r4p3 but i am going to post this thread in a more explained and a better way. For DDoS Protection i've used some web stressers...
  5. E

    Help: iptables

    Hey, I want to protect my server a little bit and wondered if anyone of you can help me. On my server I'm hosting several teamspeak servers, webinterface and a (not working yet) mailserver shortly sumed up. I'm now looking for a nice solution which works with drop policy and limit the requests...
  6. ixM7MDz

    ●【Talk about the best protections】●

    Waaaazaaap Bros :cool: , Here we can talk about what is the best protection for the teamspeak first of all We will make a points and everyone tell us hes opinion and give it a point [ Points list ] 1Point - This host is shit ->No Protection At all:mad: 2Point - 1Gps and still shit -> There...
  7. dedmen

    R4P3 Client Crash/Anti-Crash []

    This plugin provides a hotfix addressing a recently discovered vulnerability affecting TeamSpeak3 Client version It also provides a PoC Utility to exploit the vulnerability! Only use it on your own Server for test purposes! R4P3.NET wont take responsibility for damage caused. This...
  8. panteL

    Question Blazingfast or OVH

    Whats ur favourite? and why :) i want to buy one :) Info: i want to buy a vServer :)
  9. Asphyxia

    HAPROXY or NGINX DDoS Protection Review

    This is a benchmark of sorts: Clearly, you can see that NGINX holds up like a beast. HAPROXY is pretty nice too, but if you're focused on running a wicked fast and stable website I would place my bets on NGINX and having a decent network infrastructure. Read this for more information...
  10. S

    DDOS protection

    hey guys, I run a small server on a Raspberry PI 2 (using an emulator) it works really well with the whole set-up costing me around $90 AUD and calculated power costs at $11 per year running 24/7. I was wondering if there is a way to protect a home internet connection with DDOS protection...