1. N

    Question Store data in an addon

    Hey, I am writing a Teamspeakaddon in C based on the example plugin(.c) and I was wondering how to store (and retrieve) a char-array/string during multiple sessions, like for example in a config system. I found some code about probably related stuff in ts3plugin_init() but I'd be really glad if...
  2. M


    Hello There, I am using the regular Teamspeak 3 PlugIn SDK and i am trying to write a PlugIn wich is able to connect to a server. I've read the docs and tried to code it myself several times without success. Has anybody a sample Code in C or C++ from a Plugin wich successfully connects to a...
  3. h04X

    Question Teamspeak 3 Plugin Search

    search for a plugin what if someone gets very loud that it automatically downscales them
  4. Bluscream

    Custom Ban pyTSon script 1.0

    NOTE 1: The most recent version of this README can always be found here. NOTE 2: I really dont know why does not exist anymore. This script allows you to customize your bans by...
  5. Bluscream

    Custom Badges 0.9.3

    "Custom Badges" script for pyTSon allows you to set any Badges you want including the ones you can not normally get.
  6. Bluscream

    pyTSon 1.2.2

    Thanks to Thomas developers can now write their scripts in python. I personally am porting all my plugins to python from now on. As dev/scripter you may ask why python and not LUA? With python you have almost full access to all pluginsdk functions (except voice packet modification) while LUA...
  7. Bluscream

    [pyTSon] Channel Password Cracker

    Note: You will need pyTSon to use this script. It's currently work in progress so features and bugfixes will come soon. Feedback is appriciated! This script allows you to run a dictionary or bruteforce attack on a channel of your choice. It has some minor anti-antiflood and stops when the...
  8. Kieran

    Question How would you make a teamspeak plugin read&write configurations?

    I'm trying to find a good way for a simple config for my plugin in C. Every time I enable my plugin version with read from config turned on, my teamspeak won't open at all. That's not the main question though. The main question is about how you would even make such a configuration. For example...
  9. KilL4DeaTH03

    Question [REQUEST] plugin [vpn proxy enabled when connecting to servers]

    Hello, First of all, My ISP blocks the login traffic to teamspeak 3 servers except by VPN proxy :oops:, so i want a plugin that enable proxy connection or VPN (given in the plugin itself before compiling) When login, and it have connect button and stop button also so the client control if he...
  10. 0

    Question TS3 Plugin to Play sound when join Channel

    Hello, I'm really new here and I have a problem. I watched the YouTube videos and read a lot of Forums and tried my own luck but not with success. In our TS3 we have a Plugin that notice the ServerTeam whith a Sound that someone joined one of those 4 Support Channels. Now we have the Problem...
  11. Inventordan

    [Request]Teamspeak Recording Plugin

    Hello, I want a plugin that records the audio of the channel that i'm in without it telling everyone that I'm recording. I want this because when I start recording in teamspeak everyone quiets down and it doesn't become as fun. I'm using the latest version of Teamspeak 3. Any and all replies...
  12. Bluscream

    [BetterDiscord] Account Switcher

    Name: Account Switcher Description: Lets you switch between multiple Discord accounts. Author: Bluscream Download: Source...
  13. Bluscream

    [BetterDiscord] Encrypted Text

    Name: Encrypted Text Description: Allows you to send encrypted text messages. Author: EhsanKia, Bluscream, confuseh Download: Source...
  14. Asphyxia

    Tutorial How To Make/Develop TeamSpeak 3 Plugins

    This is episode 1, there will be many more parts to come to this series. Let me know what you think so far. Like the music? Hate the background music? Is my voice too boring, should I get a girl to speak for me? Let me know everything you think, I want to know --- I care. ;)
  15. Bluscream

    [C] Appscanner Plugin

    Bluscream submitted a new resource: [C] Appscanner Plugin - [C] Appscanner Plugin Read more about this resource...
  16. shockli

    [Request] ts3-rekt [PHP] (Get control over a TeamSpeak server very fast)

  17. Bluscream

    [BetterDiscord] Auto Embed

    Name: Auto Embed Description: Embeds <video> compatible links in page Author: Mitchell/megamit Download: (Press [ CTRL ] + [ S ] to save it.) Installation: If you don't already have it, download and install...
  18. Bluscream

    [BetterDiscord] BetterDiscordWebsock

    This plugin is required by some of the plugins here, so if you want to use one of the plugins here, check the requirements first. Name: BetterDiscordWebsock Description: Simple websocket plugin that can be used to read/write socket data. Author: Megamit/Mitchell Download...
  19. Bluscream

    [BetterDiscord] Extended Info Plugin

    This plugin requires BetterAPI. Please make sure to get it before using this plugin. Name: Extended Info Plugin Description: Adds functionality to see more information. Author: Bluscream Download: (Press [...
  20. Bluscream

    [BetterDiscord] BetterAPI Plugin

    This plugin is required by most of the plugins here, so if you want to use one of the plugins here, check the requirements first. Name: BetterAPI Plugin Description: Enhances the BetterDiscord Plugin API. Author: Bluscream Download...