1. Jniklas2

    Question OVH Game vs. combahton

    What do you think? Which one is better? OVH Game combahton
  2. D

    Question OVH AntiDDOS TCP settings.

    Hello, I have OVH VPS CLOUD to host my TeamSpeak server. I am blocking all ports excluding TeamSpeak ones (I have secondary secret IP to manage the server with SSH). So I refused all connections and I am adding "accept" rules with higher priority. I enabled 9987 UDP. Now I want to add server...
  3. X-Ecutioner

    Tutorial Install Windows Server on your OVH, SYS, Kimsufi and Hetzner server with just one command !

    Windows Installation Service Install Windows on your OVH, SYS, Kimsufi and Hetzner server with just one command. How It Works ? In 3 Simple Steps 1) Boot Into Rescue Login at your Kimsufi Control Panel, change netboot to Rescue mode and reboot your server. You will get an email from OVH with...
  4. Danielix99

    Question Ovh iptables vps strange rules..

    Hi, i've a little ts3 over an OVH vps, i have just installed a little firewall (apf firewall) and it seems to stop a lot of attacks...but a i use to buy some server to test my protection, and i just flooded the standard ts3 client port(9987) and everyone on the server just dropped, even if its...
  5. D

    Question Which the best OVH datacenter in France? (which has no downtimes)

    Hello! I'd like to buy a dedicated server, so I'm looking for the best OVH datacenter (which has no downtimes).
  6. D

    OVH Anti-DDoS Game

    Hello! I have a OVH Game Server and I have a question. I have to enable port 80 and 443 and 21 and other default ports in GAME Firewall?
  7. A

    Got a Dedicated server from soyoustart OVH

    I got the SYS-IP-1 Plan I am running a Game Server Half Life 1 engine Counter Strike 1.6 Just running few server 1-4 with 32 x 12 x 24 x 18 slots only. I have installed CentOS 7.0 64 bit Now i want to upgrade the kernel so it will have 1000 FPS . To do this what steps i need to take? I hear...
  8. ixM7MDz

    ●【Talk about the best protections】●

    Waaaazaaap Bros :cool: , Here we can talk about what is the best protection for the teamspeak first of all We will make a points and everyone tell us hes opinion and give it a point [ Points list ] 1Point - This host is shit ->No Protection At all:mad: 2Point - 1Gps and still shit -> There...
  9. musclar

    OVH/Game New Firewall update

    OVH has update there firewall 'L4' And they close the method "TS3INIT1" I think now no script will bypass the firewall Any one have a OVH GAME let us know how good is the protection and thanks guys .
  10. B

    OVH Pro Firewall

    Hello I have OVH server with Anti-DDoS Pro i have enabled the ovh firewall with Permanent Mitigation and setting up the roles to refuse all udp but accept the udp through the teamspeak ports now the attack using flood method over udp teamspeak port and this makes the users to disconnect and...
  11. panteL

    Question Blazingfast or OVH

    Whats ur favourite? and why :) i want to buy one :) Info: i want to buy a vServer :)
  12. Hydra

    Teamspeak 3 Anti-DDoS Provider List

    Hello guys, I saw a lot of people searching good anti-ddos providers which perform well with teamspeak under ddos. I would like to share my pretty high experience with several known providers: Result: I would recommend: OVH GAME, NFOServers and Link11 Hybrid (if...
  13. D - Clone Script

    Could someone imitate the script of ? Or copy ? So the ordering function