1. Luemmel

    Contact Manager

    Contact Manager Script for Teamspeak 3 pyTSon plugin Features Supports multiple servers at the same time Checks for serverchanges on connect to a server Easy to use Automatically grants your friends talkpower Automatically assigns channelgroups for friends and blocked users Automatically...
  2. SoulofSorrow

    Teamspeak3 Webinterface

    First-Coder Developments that make a difference Teamspeak³ Webinterface I want to show you a preview of my new Teamspeak3 Webinterface. This Webinterface has some new innovations to other existing Webinterfaces and would subsequent and will control a Teamspeak bot via web interface in the...
  3. sad

    script for admin

    hi guys i wanna script for managment ts server Function:Preventing spam in channel // kick insult nick name // when jail can't move // Preventing spam in creating channel // Preventing spam poke // Preventing spam chat //) screenshout: i have not