1. Th3XeonPlat

    Discussion i'm wondering

    Hello There, I'm A Web developer and linux system administrator, i was getting some ideas to help r4p3 or people using teamspeak in general but seems like no one interested. so what do you think i should make/create that help people and r4p3 ( i hope it's not a died idea ) and thank you. btw...
  2. Asphyxia

    Black Friday deals: Setup your own server

    In the year 2019, there will be no better time to have your very own server. Why not start now? Setting up a TeamSpeak (or Mumble) voice server, a profitable WordPress blog, or an Internet forum (like this one) is not hard. Try starting today and if you have any questions, post below and I will...
  3. J


    Hey all does anyone know how to setup mail server and POSTFIX ADMIN on a VPS? Thanks
  4. Bluscream

    Hosters with good Teamspeak 3 DDoS protection.

    Living Bots by Oliver H. (This seems to be the #1 DDoS protected hoster from what i've heard.) Link11 Voxility These hosters are specialized to Teamspeak 3 Server DDoS protection.
  5. Bluscream

    Paid Teamspeak 3 Server Hosters Overview

    TS3Index 4Players Nitrado NFOServers BargainVoice MultiplayGameServers MejorServers VoiceNode VeryGames
  6. shockli

    [Tutorial] Move Over a TeamSpeak 3 Server to a new Host or New Server with <10s Downtime [Linux]

    Recently I have came across a few problems when I was moving over hosts for the past few months. We would take advantage of "new member" discounts with many hosting companies, but sometimes the extra money didn't feel worth the downtime. So after months of experience in moving over a TeamSpeak...
  7. Asphyxia

    VPS Hosting In Antarctica

    I am sure many people are looking for VPS Servers, Dedicated Servers, Web Servers, Shared Hosting, VPN Servers, Proxy Servers, and all of that awesomeness in Antarctica. I have sad news for you though. It does not exist readily. Do not misread what I typed, I said readily as in there is nothing...
  8. Asphyxia

    Offshore VPS Hosting

    I have found some various offshore hosts that look worthy of checking out. I will list them here (their pricing pages). Here you are going to need to be ready to convert JPY to your currency. Why? They are owned by GMO Internet, Inc, a Japanese internet relation...
  9. A

    TeamSpeak 3 Bitcoin Hosting

    Is anyone interested in anonymous TS3 hosting? DDoS protection included, offshore hosted, instant activation once Bitcoin payment is received. I'm setting this up, how much $ per slot would someone pay for this? Revenue would primarily be aimed at keeping the service running obviously. Reply if...