1. NatureNMoon

    Tutorial VALVE DDOS PROTECTION (99.9%)

    Hi everyone I saw many people who have some serious issues for valve games like CSGO, RUST etc... If you are providing VALVE GAMES and under attack, please use the iptables rule set below; If you do not have IPTABLES or IPSET, or you are not sure if you have them or not, please use the command...
  2. NatureNMoon


    Hello guys, Sysctl.conf is a file which can help you with preventing DDoS Attacks. While using sysctl.conf, you can prevent many attacks. For example, ICMP Attacks(I have already mentioned below.). Sysctl.conf may help you better than IPTABLES. It has 5.000.000 Packet Per Second rate(It is 5...
  3. 3rKaN_BRATTE

    Question Hetzner DDoS Protection/Firewall

    Hi does somebody have experienc with Hetzner dedicated Server DDoS Protection/Firewall. - weakness - good against - (other info) Regards, 3rKaN_BRATTE
  4. BadySmith

    Tutorial Firewall Iptables / Protection TeamSpeak 3 Server Crack R4P3

    Hello, I'm realease a little homemade firewall to simply protect a simple Debian VPS / Ubuntu server. this works well on ovh server. /!\ WARNING /!\ stay in the root folder to test the firewall otherwise you can meter your server in danger! Command 0 : cd /root Tools : vi, vim, nano ...
  5. D

    Question OVH AntiDDOS TCP settings.

    Hello, I have OVH VPS CLOUD to host my TeamSpeak server. I am blocking all ports excluding TeamSpeak ones (I have secondary secret IP to manage the server with SSH). So I refused all connections and I am adding "accept" rules with higher priority. I enabled 9987 UDP. Now I want to add server...
  6. XRV-Webix

    Question Mikrotik tutorials

    Hello Folks. Anyone here has Mikrotik tutorials? It would be nice if someone has something on these topics: Firewall basics. Firewall advanced. BGP basics. BGP advanced. BGP blackholes. BGP DDoS protection using a community. Routing basics. Routing advanced. QoS and Shapping. VLan basics. VLan...
  7. Danielix99

    Question Ovh iptables vps strange rules..

    Hi, i've a little ts3 over an OVH vps, i have just installed a little firewall (apf firewall) and it seems to stop a lot of attacks...but a i use to buy some server to test my protection, and i just flooded the standard ts3 client port(9987) and everyone on the server just dropped, even if its...

    My Iptables Firewall :3

    Heey, here is my IPTABLES-Firewall :3 *raw :PREROUTING ACCEPT [0:0] :OUTPUT ACCEPT [0:0] :RAW-UDP-FILTERING - [0:0] :RAW-TCP-FILTERING - [0:0] :DNS - [0:0] :INITFILTER - [0:0] :INITFILTER1 - [0:0] :INITFILTER2 - [0:0] :MSS-FILTERING - [0:0] :SYN-FILTERING - [0:0] -A PREROUTING -m recent...
  9. iNulleD

    My FireWall !

    Speaks Galera all beauty with you? Today I have come to bring basic protection of my servers because I saw several people with difficulty iptables make good use! Link > Or #!/bin/bash # Projeto : FireWall ( Power By Steam Host ) # Contato ...
  10. FuZz3


    Hi guys i wanted your opinion on my firewall i had a huge ddos attack and i googled a firewall, and i added a couple rules to it! This firewall runs websites, sinusbot, teamspeak 3 It has allot of ddos methods blocked but i tried with loic and i saw my packets coming in on the vps! I used iftop...