1. M

    DNS - SRV Configuration

    I do not have support for my cPanel srv. I need to send it as text to the authorities. I need to throw it in writing. but I have no knowledge. can you help me ? Example : https://support.teamspeakusa.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/293/12/does-teamspeak-3-support-dns-srv-records...
  2. Kieran

    Setup an SRV for TSDNS

    Scenario: You want your TS Users to connect to your TeamSpeak Server via "myts.example.com". Add an SRV and an A-Record to your DNS settings of the domain you want to use. The DNS settings could look different from this. First you have to add the A-Record. You can think of your own name...
  3. Mariusz

    Tutorial Spoofer - Check IP spoofing on server

    HERE YOU CAN CHECK THAT YOUR SERVER HAVE "IP Spoofing enabled" ! 1. How to use? DL && Scan 2.Upload to server 3.Add chmod 4.Run What next? (Allow your test results to be shared publicly? [yes/no/quit]) We recomended "no" for hide your results for ciada projects. 5. Check spoofing enabled...