1. NatureNMoon


    Hello guys, Sysctl.conf is a file which can help you with preventing DDoS Attacks. While using sysctl.conf, you can prevent many attacks. For example, ICMP Attacks(I have already mentioned below.). Sysctl.conf may help you better than IPTABLES. It has 5.000.000 Packet Per Second rate(It is 5...
  2. Asphyxia

    Making R4P3 more fun!

    Recently, we asked you (and the whole community) what content would be interesting here. We received many wonderful answers and I am happy to share them with you in a YouTube format (I do not expect you to watch/listen the entire thing)! If you come up with any other ideas, please reply to...
  3. A

    Fastpipe.io Cloud SSD [combahton]

    I just purchased this . i just have issues my users cannot connect to team speak says not responding? can someone please assist. Note: i dont have iptables rules DDOS setting is set to dynamic DDOS setting for layer 7 is deactivated.
  4. A

    Iptables for Game Server VPS

    Hello, Can you share the best iptables rules ? to protect UDP Games like counter-strike and other games which are full of players. Currently i am on OVH Game but i some times get attacks which gets filtered after timeout. But if you guys can share iptables rules which has anti exploit for...
  5. SyntexError

    Question Why i don't get this IP's Down?

    Hello, does anyone know the reason why the IP's from Unitymedia or else, didn't get any packets received? I mean, Why i did'nt get any ping response from this IP's 37.201.2.* [UnityMedia GMBH] No Packets lost. Just nothing. Whats the reason? a Proxy maybe i have no idea... and whats the...
  6. XARON

    [PHP] Block Bots with CloudFlare

    Hello everyone, i I'd like to share with you this class i developed a long time ago to protect from bots. I'll keep developing if you like :) <?php class CloudFirewall { private $email; private $key; private $curl; public function __construct($email, $key) {...
  7. Jniklas2

    Question OVH Game vs. combahton

    What do you think? Which one is better? OVH Game combahton
  8. 3rKaN_BRATTE

    Question Hetzner DDoS Protection/Firewall

    Hi does somebody have experienc with Hetzner dedicated Server DDoS Protection/Firewall. - weakness - good against - (other info) Regards, 3rKaN_BRATTE
  9. XRV-Webix

    Question Mikrotik tutorials

    Hello Folks. Anyone here has Mikrotik tutorials? It would be nice if someone has something on these topics: Firewall basics. Firewall advanced. BGP basics. BGP advanced. BGP blackholes. BGP DDoS protection using a community. Routing basics. Routing advanced. QoS and Shapping. VLan basics. VLan...
  10. W

    Question Netcup DDos-Protection ?

    Hey Guys, Anyone knows how good the DDoS protection of netcup (vserver) is? Thanks in advance :D
  11. 3rKaN_BRATTE

    Question Living-Bots or OVH vServer

    Since there was recently a new system update at OVH and Living-Bots id liked to ask witch of these vServer hoster would you recomend for me against DDoS Attacks. https://hosting.living-bots.net/vserver-mieten https://www.ovh.de/virtual_server/ (SSD, CLOUD RAM, CLOUD) Thank you very much in...
  12. Danielix99

    Question Ovh iptables vps strange rules..

    Hi, i've a little ts3 over an OVH vps, i have just installed a little firewall (apf firewall) and it seems to stop a lot of attacks...but a i use to buy some server to test my protection, and i just flooded the standard ts3 client port(9987) and everyone on the server just dropped, even if its...
  13. J

    Anyone here used Dedishops?

    I am specifically talking about thier vps: https://www.dedishops.com/vps-games-antiddos I've read some bad stuff on here about their downtimes, and also some good stuff. Trying to decide to buy their vps or just straight from OVH.
  14. DDoSBoy

    Tutorial Hosting Providers List [DDoS Protection, Always Updated, More Info]

    THREAD ISN'T DONE YET Hello today i will be listing my tread finally after trying almost every single host (VPS Hosting). I know there are a lot of threads liek this on r4p3 but i am going to post this thread in a more explained and a better way. For DDoS Protection i've used some web stressers...
  15. D

    OVH Anti-DDoS Game

    Hello! I have a OVH Game Server and I have a question. I have to enable port 80 and 443 and 21 and other default ports in GAME Firewall?
  16. A

    Good VPS for DDoS protection

    Currently i am using Dedishops. One node failed 2 days back node4 and it took 1 day to bring the server online some SSD failure. So i want to see what other option i have or should i stay with them? i have seen some reviews here but lets see what people say about uptime and reliability overall...
  17. E

    Help: iptables

    Hey, I want to protect my server a little bit and wondered if anyone of you can help me. On my server I'm hosting several teamspeak servers, webinterface and a (not working yet) mailserver shortly sumed up. I'm now looking for a nice solution which works with drop policy and limit the requests...
  18. ixM7MDz

    ●【Talk about the best protections】●

    Waaaazaaap Bros :cool: , Here we can talk about what is the best protection for the teamspeak first of all We will make a points and everyone tell us hes opinion and give it a point [ Points list ] 1Point - This host is shit ->No Protection At all:mad: 2Point - 1Gps and still shit -> There...
  19. Mariusz

    Tutorial Spoofer - Check IP spoofing on server

    HERE YOU CAN CHECK THAT YOUR SERVER HAVE "IP Spoofing enabled" ! 1. How to use? DL && Scan 2.Upload to server 3.Add chmod 4.Run What next? (Allow your test results to be shared publicly? [yes/no/quit]) We recomended "no" for hide your results for ciada projects. 5. Check spoofing enabled...
  20. Duosh3

    DDOSGuard - gzbots

    Hello, is there any chance to get DDOSGuard fro gzbots, or any other working bot like that?