1. Konkol

    Review banner for sale

    Hi, i made a banner for sale if you liked it, contact me in a private message or on e-mail: [email protected] *The logo is not part of the graphic was used only as part of the presentation*
  2. davidjaksa

    TS3-Live-Banner 1.0

    TS3-Live-Banner A lightweight TS3 live-banner Warning! Every client requests his/her banner on connecting, and after that, they'll do this in every minute. This can cause a server query flood, please keep in mind that! Installion Download the repository, and move it to under the DocumentRoot...
  3. k-scripts

    [ PSD ] banner for teamspeak

  4. L

    Tivet - Teamspeak 3 Dynamic Banner 1.0.3

    Important Create cache folder if not exist main folder. Status 1.0.3 Changelog for 1.0.3 [~] Cache handler changed to Zend Cache Features UTF-8 Support Template Engine (Dark and Light template included) Multi Language Support (Turkish and English added) OOP Configurable Cache System for...
  5. DrWarpMan


    Hello, I am using PHP banner (from here ) for like a couple of months, but, it supports only .png format, and I can't understand why, could someone please add support for gif image, or tell me how to do it please? Thanks for help.
  6. LetsBlade

    Question Countdown in Dynamic Banner?

    Hey! Im Currently Using a Dynamic TS3 Banner for Showing the User/Port/Date/Time etc. But anyone knows the Code to Show a Countdown to a Specific Date? Like "30d 21h 30m until XX-XX-2017 (12:00)"
  7. fyfywka


    gitlab Requirements PHP 7.0.0 (PHP 5+ is not tested) ImageMagick Web Server:D [/SPOILER]
  8. codex

    Banner Status (Type GameTracker)

    Banner Status Download: Virus Total: How to use:
  9. ReduX

    Question Dynamic Banner Problem

    Hey R4P3 Community. For my community, I have used the Banner Generator Script from multivitamin. For that I have made my own design. I only have a problem with the %nickname%, this code should output the TS Username of the user. Does he just not with me. I will simply not display this box. My...
  10. MiKE1337

    Question TS3 Default Banner for All Virtual servers

    Hello, I hosting a Teamspeak 3 server on Dedicated server and i offering some Free servers. I need to have some advertising server for my project, but I do not know how to set up an Ad banner for all newly created servers automatically. Can anyone help with this?
  11. Muntadher Safaa

    I need Bot

    There is A bot that send poke to admin when client join Support room if you have it can you share it with me plz ;):)
  12. Muntadher Safaa

    Question I need Help With Smart Banner

    I need Help With Smart Banner how can i make banner with country / name /ping here is example
  13. Denis_Minin

    Banner For YouR TeaMSpeak

    This Is Simple Banner For Your TeamSpeak :) In Archive You Find PSD File Of This Banner :) DOWNLOAD:!Ip4BTCwY!euBOH5LGNOCVeeuhJVpMT-aKltEdBezjLKFQgwYrGb0
  14. kingston

    Question Why is the banner topic placed in VIP?

    Does it even make sense? :D
  15. Scrump

    GFX Interval lower than 60?

    Hi. I wanted to ask if it is possible to have the GFX Interval of the TS3Banner lower than 60.