1. Asphyxia

    Learn ethical hacking today

    Today you are going to start learning how to hack* but this takes time, hacking can be fun and legal! It is your responsibility to uphold good ethics and do what is morally right. Do not harm others, instead help! It is up to you. Firstly, join our Discord community of other hackers and...
  2. NatureNMoon


    Hello guys, Sysctl.conf is a file which can help you with preventing DDoS Attacks. While using sysctl.conf, you can prevent many attacks. For example, ICMP Attacks(I have already mentioned below.). Sysctl.conf may help you better than IPTABLES. It has 5.000.000 Packet Per Second rate(It is 5...
  3. 3rKaN_BRATTE

    Question Living-Bots or OVH vServer

    Since there was recently a new system update at OVH and Living-Bots id liked to ask witch of these vServer hoster would you recomend for me against DDoS Attacks. (SSD, CLOUD RAM, CLOUD) Thank you very much in...
  4. R

    Discussion They are attacking my server

    Hello guys. (My English is horrible = /) Some wastes are attacking my teamspeak server, and it is only falling. I wonder if there is some way to block these attacks. I do not know what to do. Thanks in advance :)