Teamspeak3 Webinterface

Teamspeak3 Webinterface

Bugfix: Server- and Pokemessages in serverview fixed
Bugfix: Teamspeakintervall set now by default on 3 seconds
Bugfix: Unknown column 0, 1 ,2, 3 in profile or index
Bugfix: Errorcodes copyright protection issues fixed
Bugfix: Servergroup permissions bug solved
Bugfix: Database bug to save the whole mail solved
Bugfix: Teamspeak instance edit password works now
Bugfix: Adminsettings could not saved solved
Bugfix: Updater work now correctly
Bugfix: Security Improvements​
+New Notificationsystem added
+New Newssystem added
+Splamy Musicbot support added
+Custom sites added (like a cms system)
+Favorite Teamspeak for each profile added
+Added sql table main_settings_homepage where all config informations will be added
+TeaSpeak Support added (without special options)
+SQLite will be now supported. No external database needed anymore
-Timelimited permissions removed
-Define USE_MAILS removed
-Custom Dashboard removed
-All configurations in the config.php removed (without sql and smtp information)
-PostgreSQL dropped

Changes: First- and Lastnames are now required
Changes: Support Teamspeak, self register and server requests added as modules
Changes: Frontend source rewritten to create a more community friendly structure
Changes: Backend source rewritten for better performance and a better structure
Changes: Masterserver will be renamed to Support Teamspeak
Changes: Password hash changed to blowfish hash
Bugfix: All Notifys, Warnings and Errors removed (And I mean really ALL)
Bugfix: Masterserver port select will now work correctly (found by @ndy)
Bugfix: Administration area will be not shown if you have no permissions
Bugfix: Security Improvements

Language Fix: changed access_instanz to access_instance in main_clients_rights_server_edit
Language Fix: changed benutzer to user in main_clients
Language Fix: changed benutzer_blocked to user_blocked in main_clients
Language Fix: changed vorname to firstname in main_clients_infos
Language Fix: changed nachname to lastname in main_clients_infos
Language Fix: changed telefon to phone in main_clients_infos​
v2 is now officially ready for download.

best regards Ghostrider92
+ Internal SOAP Update

+ Bugfixes for the intern versions​
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-- First version of the Interface​
+ Design Triangle written by Dominic added
-- Bugfix: Unknown column NaN in field list​
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+ Lanugage spain added thanks by Pearlings
+ Lanugage french added thanks by tr4kx
-- Bugfix: Use of undefined constant SEND_VERSION in functions.php
-- Bugfix: Undefined index: ts_connect_to_server in web_teamspeak_server
-- Bugfix: Found 2 elements with non-unique id #userFacebook in web_admin_user
-- Bugfix: Hostmessage convert error in web_teamspeak_serverview
-- Bugfix: Clientmodal Bantime and Notify works now correct​
+ Lanugage italian added thanks by alsoGAMER
-- Bugfix: Language misspelling in english translation fixed by alsoGAMER
-- Bugfix: ts3admin.class updated to the latest version for php 7.1 support
-- Bugfix: Teamspeak backupnames will be now have a english name
-- Bugfix: Teamspeak backups can now be deleted​
+ TeaSpeak support added
-- Bugfix: Logs will be now sorted from new to old
-- Bugfix: Updater will now show new Updates​
+ Teamspeakviewer settings: Hide a spezific servergroup in the Teamspeakviewer
+ Adminsettings: Activate and deactivate Mails
+ Dynamic Serverbanner added
+ Permission added for the Surprise
-- Bugfix: 1 Token can be now also created
-- Bugfix: iFrame Serverview will now have the correct link
-- Bugfix: Profil password can now be set
-- Bugfix: Server online icon will now blink correctly
-- Bugfix: Serverslots will be now centered
-- Bugfix: Add instance will now work with special chars (found by Jniklas2)
-- Bugfix: Masterserverports selectmenu will now undisabled (found by Jniklas2)
-- Bugfix: Create Instance have now the correct indexnumber (found by Jniklas2)
-- Bugfix: Updater will now be more saftey
-- Bugfix: Updater will just allow now "update to the next newer version"
-- Bugfix: Dropzone already attached message fixed
-- Bugfix: Function hasUserInstanz now work correctly
-- Bugfix: Adminpanel Datepicker will now set the saved date
-- Bugfix: Tickets activity will now be updated
-- Bugfix: Forgot Password Mail will now show the mail and not %client%
-- Bugfix: If Server request is accepted the mail has now the correct ip and not %ip%
-- Bugfix: An accepted Serverrequest will now give the user also access to Interface​