TeamSpeak 3 - Ranksystem

TeamSpeak 3 - Ranksystem 1.3.2

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We fixed a problem, when you have user with long nicknames (28 or more characters) online.

For a full changelog have a look here.

The update will runs automatically. To accelerate it, you can use the command !update.
With this release we added an often asked function to reset the Ranksystem to start again by zero.
Also we optimized the perfomance by saving ressources of the database.

For a full changelog have a look here.

The update will runs automatically. To accelerate it, you can use the command !update.
For the changelog have a look here.
For the changelog have a look here.
For the changelog have a look here.
For the changelog have a look here.

NEW: We added a SSH connection support over the TS3 Server Query. At the moment this feature is in beta status. We seen already problems with connection losts on SSH.
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For the changelog have a look here.
* increased session security by activating HSTS-header
* updated russian translation; thx to bykidi
* secured from pishing for all external links due hiding the referrer
* improved some code to reduce notices/warnings on stats page
- fixed XSS vulnerability with TS3 Client name; thx to FarisDev
- fixed changing language on install.php were not working
- fixed error with donut chart on stats page, when the database still have not enough different values for all stats
We will be focues with the next few releases to fix some things, optimize the code a bit and optimize checks to minify problems. So when you find things, which are not logical or doesn't make any sense and sure, also bugs, please report that to us.
Please do not report new feature(requests) at the moment.
Thx to all, that are supporting this project!
! hashing of ip-address (reason EU-GDPR) as option (webinterface -> other); TS user needs to reconnect to the TS3 server to be able to verify with stats page after
! added support for MySQL 8.0 and MariaDB >= 10.3
* increased session security
* increased security on stats/ page; thx to JVMerkle
* increased performance on stats page; it is shitty fast now :-)
* updated TS3 PHP Framework (version 1.1.33 from 18 April 2018)
* updated portuguese translation; thx to Pasha
* modified check on worker.php, if a process is already running
* minor code optimizations, also removed april fool (was only valid on 1st April)
+ added support for special characters (utf-8 mb4), which came with TS server version 3.2.0; before we had it for servergroup names, now for all other needed (among other things: user nicknames)
+ added polish translation; thx to DoktorekOne
+ added CSRF token for protection against Cross-Site-Request-Forgery and replay attacks
- fixed "lost update" problem on manual adding time to an user (function about the webinterface)
- fixed problem, when timezone had a very long name; now all timezone will be supported
- fixed connection problems, when the TS3 query username or password contains special characters
* increased performance (vs. 1.2.4 again in avg. ~25% better now); saves CPU time and memory (RAM)
* updated bootstrap-select to the actual version; bigger selections are now much more faster; thx to caseyjhol the lead developer of it
* changed startup process to be sure the auto updater will runs before the config check
* changed log file rotation; the Bot did a restart on rotation before, now it will stay connected to the TS3 server
* removed unneeded update info check; update notification will now be sent to the admin ID (webinterface -> other), which is multiple since 1.2.4; reworked update notification, which will now be sent on startup after an update
* updated italian translation; thx to jacopomozzy
+ added czech translation; thx to KeviN
- fixed bad config check (servergroup not found); if a servergroup is missed, the Ranksystem will first sync all ts3 servergroups and after that check again the config; only if the config is still bad, it will stop
- fixed wrong ascending/descending sorting, if the site were changed about the pagination
- fixed cross site scriptig vulnerability on stats/list_rankup.php
- fixed problem with special characters inside the server group name; 4 byte chars where not possible to save before and run into a database error inside the Ranksystem log
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