TeamSpeak 3 - Ranksystem

TeamSpeak 3 - Ranksystem 1.3.10

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Additional Requirements
You need...

- a webspace with PHP

- a database (MySQL)

- an access to your TS3 server via server query

Detailed information you can find here.
What it is...

The TSN Ranksystem is Bot, written in PHP, which assigns time based server groups on your TeamSpeak 3 sever.
It is open source and free to use under GNU GPLv3 license.

To make an simple example:
server group:                    needed time
Level 1                             3 days
Level 2                            10 days
You define, which groups should be given and how much time is needed for that. The server groups can be created on your TS3 server for your wishes. Should it be Level groups or Rank groups or groups to get special permissions on your server after time or anything else.. You can decide!

There are also much configuration possibilities. Choose the mode, which time should be concerned: online time or active time? Both is possible.
Also you can except special server groups, channels (AFK..) or clients from ranking.
There are to many options to describe here all!

It has also a very nice statistics page. Some people doesn't use it to rank, they only want to have the statistics ;-)


Have a look into the System. Check, what you can config and be able to read the online documentation..

Webinterface ->
Stats Page ->


You need...
  • a webspace with PHP
  • a database (MySQL)
  • an access to your TS3 server via server query
Detailed information you can find here.

How to install

It is very simple. Download it, upload it to your webspace and run the installation process (install.php).
After installation configure the system. All is well documented inside the webinterface. Click on any parameter to get a description/help.

Full documentation for installation:
For Linux webspace follow this instructions.
For Windows webspace take this instructions.


The TSN Ranksystem is still supported and will get updates.
If you have problems, found a bug or have a suggestion, you can report it via GitHub.

If you need support (help on installation or configuration), please take note to this.
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Latest updates

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  3. Release 1.3.8

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Latest reviews

Overall, an excellent module rating. I did not see anything more simple and intuitive. Very beautiful and multi-functional.
Thx, nice to hear!
I do not know how much work it is in. But all my appreciation.
I don't know too.. Perhaps it is also better I didn't count it. xD
But every hour was done with passion!
best bot best sop best dev
Nice Product, with awesome support
Nice Product, with awesome support